Bio-Remediation Products

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At First Systems Inc., we're proud to offer a wide range of cost-effective environment-friendly bioremediation products for remediation of fuel oil contaminations in soil water and airborne fuel oil odors during and after a spill. Our products handle your petroleum clean up needs "on site!"

And that equals BIG SAVINGS over traditional methods.

Basically, First Systems has you covered.



AgroRemed ®is effective in cleanup of petroleum contaminated soils in short periods of time. 

VaporRemed ®almost instantly and permanently eliminates fumes from heating oil and fuel oil spills improving the indoor air quality.

HydroRemed ®is a bioremediation solution for in situ treatment of free product or fuel oil in ground water.

SpillRemed ®(Industrial) used for industrial applications that need to remediate oily wastewater and accidental oil spills under fresh water or reduced salinity conditions.



We had a great time at the 2012 Ohio Brownfield Conference! We got to meet a lot of wonderful people and attended some very informative sessions featuring fascinating Keynote Speakers. All in all it was a success. There were many companies that are working on projects where our products can save them big money. I can't wait to work with them. We can't wait for the conference next year. First systems will be there ready to do it again!

-May 25th, 2012